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Chris Christie Destroys John Boehner Over ...

Chris Christy Sandy Relief:

Chris Christie Destroys John Boehner Over Hurricane Sandy Relief. Chris Christie Destroys John Boehner Over Hurricane Sandy Relief.

22 Responses to “ Chris Christie Destroys John Boehner Over ”

  1. tc545 says:

    If Sandy has hit Texas that same exact bill would have passed through in 66
    minutes through the House. Our Congress sucks. BTW I’m a Republican.

  2. acejackson42 says:

    I despise the GOP. I would vote GOP if he was running. Such a human being.
    Such a great leader.

  3. lmd0426 says:

    oh for crying out loud CountBagorath! your comments would have been taken
    well, but did you REALLY have to use that language? Really? SERIOUSLY?
    Surely you can see that the President CANNOT LEGALLY RESPOND. It is
    ENTIRELY the responsibility of CONGRESS to allocate ANY FUNDING FOR ANY
    PROJECT after the initial requests by Pres. Obama. Grow up! (signed A

  4. psiloveyou1964 says:

    amen,agree 1OO%

  5. K131399 says:

    if you were a liberal 40 years ago how could you possibly be one now? does
    obama not make a leftwing crackpot in his own right like george mcgovern
    look like william buckley? lol and how did you make that slippery turn from
    being a jfk dem to a saul alinsky anarchist? JuSt WoNdErInG lol

  6. geckingen says:

    He should shut off all federal facilities in NJ from electricity.

  7. TxRiverElf says:

    I really am developing a fondness for this Republican! I appreciate his

  8. xavi qaz says:

    Both Cuomo and Christie have high approval ratings among the rival party’s

  9. Sir Sapphire the 3rd says:

    Congress you failed your countrymen

  10. dbonogofsky deb says:

    Christie is wrong about this one. Look at the pork that is in the $60
    billion relief aid bill. At least $13 billion of it has NOTHING to do with
    Sandy relief. While the states involved are justified in wanting the aid
    passed as soon aspossible, Boehner was right in holding it up a little
    longer to flush out this padded spending. Thisis why our country os
    broke==they pass anything as long as they get their piece of the pie.
    Christie should know better. $9+ billion has now been approved.

  11. 09victoryrc says:

    Gov. Christie and gov. Cuomo. Presidential ticket I hope.

  12. HNK222 says:

    Boehner, as always, was being a spineless, useless shit. Instead of
    LEADING, he cowers and buckles under to the batshit crazies in his party.
    Hurricane Sandy relief wasn’t denied or delayed due to “PORK” – it was due
    to the victims of the storm living in blue states – ie “People Who Voted
    For Obama”! And because Boehner (like 99% of Republicans) puts PARTY before
    COUNTRY, he didn’t give a shit about Americans needing immediate
    assistance. They weren’t redneck baggers, so he vetoed the relief!

  13. benjyaw says:

    i like this guy

  14. Michele La Monica says:

    You know … I’ve warned John Boehner over the telephone about his
    performance RE: the fiscal cliff repeatedly, and again he disappoints. Now
    that he’s on your bad side … let the games begin.

  15. THOMAS GIRLMAN says:


  16. K131399 says:

    hey look its governor manatee lol

  17. Lori Unfus says:

    He would be a great President.

  18. Crazcompart says:

    I think Boehner stepped a little too far this time…Both Christie and
    Cuomo are people you DON’T want to mess with…

  19. Ricky Philizaire says:

    John Boehner is why i’m broke…

  20. atomikadarkhero says:

    Not one of the worst congresses……the WORST congress

  21. patsy ellis says:

    In spite of political repercussions, Christie is standing up for what is
    right. This is what a real leader does! I applaud him for working with
    President Obama to help the people of his state and for speaking up for the
    rights of his state to one of the worst congresses in history.

  22. CountBagorath says:

    lol @ fatshit wanting government to help those pussies on the east coast.
    He hates government and is in the part of nominally smaller government, but
    wants to suck Chairman Obunga’s black dick once something happens.

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