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Chris Christie Comes Down From Bullshit Mountain ...

Chris Christy Scandal WATCH: Jon Stewart NAILS IT on NJ Gov. Chris Christie Bridgegate Scandal [COMPLETE SHOW] Online Videos” href=””>Chris Christy Jon Stewart:

Chris Christie Comes Down From Bullshit Mountain. Jon Stewart Demonstrates how its possible to come down from Bullshit Mountain!!!

25 Responses to “ Chris Christie Comes Down From Bullshit Mountain ”

  1. Charlie McDonnell says:

    filmed by darth vader

  2. Pierce Arner says:

    Low quality, but still, the bit from 0:34 – 3:00 is just fan.TASTIC.

  3. NJAD0 says:

    As Jon Stewart would say… GO F**** YOURSELF!

  4. DarkFenix34512 says:

    Chris Christie has been on the road to redemption

  5. outsider10001 says:

    good post, thanks!!

  6. scottishthunder47 says:

    Bless you, kind wizard.

  7. CockFighter75 says:

    I love John Stewart! Funny as hell. Go obama!!!!

  8. deadlyEuphoria420 says:

    it appears you missed the whole premise of the joke. It appears your first
    language is sign language, for your grasp on the english language seems to
    be lacking.

  9. NorthForkFisherman says:

    “Christie 2016″ is what I’m seeing out of this. That was a priceless FU to
    Fox from the NJ Gov.

  10. login2ak says:

    I love the expression on Sam’s face , when she is doing the signs… awesome

  11. Tom Tucker says:

    I think you’re being over sensitive. And frankly, the joke was at aimed at
    Jon Stewart, not signers. Lighten up.

  12. rsmothersjr says:

    Thanks for sharing, right on.

  13. PetPet ParkForever says:

    its not fucking funny!! im deaf. you just making fun of sign language!!
    FUCK YOU!!

  14. Lekesha Williams says:

    3:06 I cracked up when he yelled “Prostitution Whore!” same time as the
    camera man too… it was so random

  15. Neosaigo says:

    Obama always had the lightswitch of leadership. The GOP simply doesn’t even
    try to cooperate at all. Count the filibusters, the proof is in the box.

  16. ReMixExtra says:

    3:09 came for this

  17. anthony cheesman says:

    did he fart lol ? at the 239 2 40 mark

  18. JR Smith says:

    I understand you feelings, and cannot imagine what it is like to be deaf. I
    do not think they were making fun of sign language, but making fun of
    Stewart complaining when he has so little to complain about. I think the
    use of the sign language was a shout out to the animated signers for the
    mayor compaired to his very stiff persona. If you are still offended I
    understand this may be an area were no joke belongs.

  19. ayokay123 says:

    THANKS for posting this! Hilarious!!!!! :D :D :D

  20. TheLovelyLadyE says:

    I laughed at the same moment as the guy recording the video hahaha

  21. politicalscientist99 says:

    Guess he found that fuckin lightswitch huh? XD

  22. SwagKCW Gaming says:

    Ha sorry Romney lost Jackson. Get over yourself.

  23. 7000ironman says:

    hahahahahahahahaha this is some of the funniest shit i’ve seen in a
    while!!! lmfao!

  24. Dag Andreas Torp says:

    vimeo com/52635462 hq

  25. GorterPoss says:

    This video was posted by Darth Vader

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