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Tea Party Favorite Ted Cruz (Full Interview) W/ ...

Ted Cruz Tea Party:

Tea Party Favorite Ted Cruz (Full Interview) w/ Chris Wallace – FOX News Sunday – 8-5-12. Who is Ted Cruz? FNC’s Chris Wallace sits down with the US Senate Candidate Republican from Texas to discuss his recent upset victory and the reasons why the…

25 Responses to “ Tea Party Favorite Ted Cruz (Full Interview) W/ ”

  1. Asmodrin says:

    He makes a lot of logical fallacies. For certain people, it’s very easy to
    fall into the trap because he uses all the right words.

  2. oswald perkins says:

    keep dreaming ted ha ha ha

  3. oswald perkins says:

    we can’t wait to beat him come 2016 , and don’t forget we don’t need Texas
    , he can keep Texas

  4. 9844wp says:

    A RADICAL LUNATIC, only the neo-Nazi party if further to the right. Know
    that nearly half of Texans are ashamed and appalled that such an extremist
    represents their State. Not all Texans are insane, maniacal ideologues.

  5. 416mcp says:

    tea party doesn’t care..double standard he’s ok since his mom is American.
    His father, born in Cuba and fought for Castro. If this was Obama’s
    background they would have him kicked out of the country.

  6. 9844wp says:

    Lets DO hope the flaming radical is the GOP candidate for President. He
    will be laughed off the stage and back to Texas. If he runs for President,
    the Democrats will have perhaps the largest landslide victory in history.

  7. 416mcp says:

    McCain was born on a US military base which makes him different than Cruz.
    President Obama could have had his birth in Hawaii filmed by a tv crew and
    birthers would still say he is not eligible to be president. Cruz, they
    seem to be just fine with even though he was born in Canada. Maybe its b/c
    his father isn’t African?? Makes one wonder

  8. Chris Riley says:

    Except he was born in Canada… and is therefore not eligible to run

  9. Steven Laboe says:

    ICYMI – I uploaded this segment from Fox News Sunday earlier this morning.
    Tea Party Favorite Ted Cruz interviewed by Chris Wallace
    Please check out my YouTube Channel –

  10. Prince Ital says:

    Government spending section 8,,we give them a check, pay portion of their
    rent now we goin give them free health care, end section 8 amd save country
    money mo millions

  11. Howard Stern says:

    The Fanatic Lunatic Right will do whatever it takes to get
    Hispanics/Latinos to there side whether it be with Rubio or this
    Right-Winger but it sure ain’t working nationwide.

  12. blabbermouth777 says:

    I think I’m about to be out of words I can use vapor, but I can give you
    ways republicans are unpatriotic and I will.

  13. danny mathey says:

    That’s right stab your own party members in the back !…no wonder we can
    never win an Election.We destroy eack other!..Thanks! you are a prime
    example of our self inflected wounds!

  14. moneyjr1122 says:

    i didn’t vote for him- that’s for sure.

  15. Impugn1 says:

    P.S. Quit sending me private messages, faggot. I ain’t your type.

  16. UmbraRex90 says:

    Poly you are one of the many useful morons being used by the Liberal media
    to spread their propaganda and lies here all the Liberal media does these
    days is spread lying stereotypes to demonize us Republicans.

  17. Impugn1 says:

    Fuck anybody who thinks they have the right to dip into my wallet to
    subsidize their own poor decision making and behavior.

  18. hhn1000 says:

    Cruz has an impressive background as a scholar at Harvard and a strong
    debater. He was Tex. Solicitor General, chief lawyer for the State before
    Supreme Court& state and fed appeals courts.. first Hispanic Solicitor
    General in TX. Authored more than 80 Supreme Ct briefs, presented 40 oral
    arguments before the US Supreme Ct. Intelligent, motivated, individual and
    will be good for the country!

  19. PATRIASINAMO says:

    Meet Ted Cruz a future USA President . No doubts about it

  20. Impugn1 says:

    Really? That’s what you got on your side? Really? LOL. Good luck with that.

  21. BonerMaroner says:

    He was born in Canada by an America citizen and a Cuban Socialist father.
    Obama was born in hawaii to an American born white mother a U.S. citizen
    and a black man from Africa. They are both legal eligible candidates, John
    McCain was born in Panama.

  22. Kellathor says:

    “Tired of career politicians?” And just what the hell is he? This guy has a
    political accolade as long as my arm.

  23. Jason Weller says:

    LOL, go get em friend, the GOP make for great entertainment and I enjoy
    emotionally slapping them like the crash dummies they are…

  24. BonerMaroner says:

    Same words no solutions just another hater of Medicare and Social Security,
    Taxes, Government, even Voting rights… Like Cuban peasants who must love
    their master or be cast about like garbage. Why does he fail to tell the
    world we now pay $400 billion interest on unpaid wars all started by (R)’s
    in the white house. He talks so much about the constitution but forgets it
    is a living document, how else could we continually improve even ourselves,
    or do we have No new ideas to improve upon.

  25. Vaporizeme420 says:

    You spew ignorance when you speak. There are many ignorant tea party
    members but they are more “American” than any group in the U.S. What is
    your idea of being American and patriotic?

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