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Republican Presidential Candidate 2012 – ...

Rand Paul 2016:

RAND PAUL 2016. I made this because I’m announcing my support for Rand Paul for President, if he decides to run for Election 2016. Featuring: Sen. Rand Paul v. Hillary Clinton.

6 Responses to “ Republican Presidential Candidate 2012 – ”

  1. Robert Stewart says:

    Great video but I support Ted Cruz in 2016

  2. BRADLEY993ds says:

    I don’t like Obama, but he actually told the truth for once at the
    beginning of the video. He said change was finally here, and changed this
    country he did. But not for the better..

  3. Flip Michigan One says:

    Brace yourselves……fan made videos are coming! I have never felt so
    optimistic about a candidate in my life.

  4. John Jones says:

    great video…love that you included the polls against hillary…

  5. 2ruthfox82 says:

    Lets do our part to make it happen!

  6. Liberty Leslie says:

    well Done…love it

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2012 Voter Comments

  • Rand Paul Problem Video Clip – 2012:

    Ronn Janes said: dam your politicians are funny stupid don t you know if you don t smarten up the terrorist won t have to do anything eventually stupid people do one stupid thing too many DUH I WONDER WHAT THIS RED BUTTON IS FOR ...if paul was prez dam you wouldnt vote him in your not that dumb oh sorry g bush wasn t that bright and that worked out well....usa get what yall pay for.. [read more]

  • Rand Paul Problem Video Clip – 2012:


  • Rand Paul Problem Video Clip – 2012:

    Mertdawg420 said: Says the guy hiding behind an anonymous profile behind the safety net of the internet. The person who loves to waste his precious time on the internet just to insult people. I'm sure that your Karma has brought you tons of happiness. Please get a life. [read more]

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