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Rand Paul’s Southern Avenger Problem: GOP ...

Rand Paul Problem:

Rand Paul’s Southern Avenger Problem. Welcome to the Objectivist Tree! Rand Paul 2016 better be prepared to do some damage control when Jack Hunter is brought up by the left-wing media. Links: ht…

5 Responses to “ Rand Paul’s Southern Avenger Problem: GOP ”

  1. Procopius says:

    The average voter is indeed quite simple, ignorant, and easily led.

  2. j1mmyZeta says:

    The way Jack Hunter handled the media’s attacks was pretty bad.

  3. TheGuerillapatriot says:

    IT’S A WRESTLING CHARACTER. Love Jack Hunster, btw, and no I’m not white.

  4. TheGuerillapatriot says:


  5. The Objectivist Tree says:

+ seven = 8

2012 Voter Comments

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    JE Torrico said: Come on Jimmy, enough with the fat jokes. You don't make fun of a guy just cuz he's black, or physically disabled, or mentally disadvantaged right? Gays and fat people are still openly being made fun of and that's not cool. You are better than that Jimmy. Stick to making fun of the guy cuz of his politics, not the size of his waist. Still love your comedy, keep up the good work. [read more]

  • Chris Christy Medicare Video Chris Christie:

    Drake Santiago said: I have seen this sort of behavior a lot from the morbidly obese. They become so self-effacing, willing to ridicule themselves to no end, as a way to steal the opportunity from others who could potentially insult them. It is sad, and it is a way to mask the pain of their plight. Obesity is no laughing matter, and though I might get a lot of hate for saying this, but a person's state of health should be taken into consideration when assessing if they are fit for a high public office. [read more]

  • Chris Christy Medicare Video Chris Christie:

    Dick Santorum said: A person's health is between them and their doctor, whether it's erectile dysfunction, cancer, high blood pressure, or any of the other potential health risks related to obesity. Until he's missing work due to hospitalizations, it is none of your business. [read more]

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