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Rand Paul Problem – The Problem(s) With ...

Rand Paul Problem:

The Problem(s) With Rand Paul. Special Promotion: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Follow us on Twitter: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel…

25 Responses to “ Rand Paul Problem – The Problem(s) With ”

  1. Matthew Good says:

    The Problem With Cenk Uygur:
    His Mouth.
    Cenk Uygur all too often takes his opponents quotes out of context or he
    just outright misquotes them.
    Did Rand Paul say he wants to get rid of Americans with Disabilities Act?
    He said some things would be more appropriately managed at the local level,
    namely accommodations for the disabled.
    #t=2m46s : Warren v. District of Columbia, states police have no duty to
    protect individuals. 

  2. Wilson Tenney says:

    Cenks discussion of the consumption tax displays his lack of understanding
    of the economic growth impact of not having a corporate tax. What a n00b.

  3. gracilism says:

    This is a guy is an idiot. Learn your history.

  4. devsun2 says:

    Cenk assumes that being against the dept of education means one is against
    education, when in fact it is the opposite that is true. Why cant we have
    50 different schooling systems that can learn from the successes and
    failures of others, instead of the Washington people decide that they know
    better than the states whats better for everyone…….when all 50 states
    follow the same system, they could all fail together from the flaws in the
    system, and would only learn from failures not successes.

  5. VaticansHolocaust says:

    It’s a (no pun) loaded question.The 2nd Am protects the right of
    self-defense.Sure, you can (deviously) spin that to mean revolutionary
    bloodshed. The Declaration of Independence states it’s the “Right of the
    People to alter or to abolish [the gov].”And it’s the people’s “right” and
    “DUTY” to “throw off” (spun as you like) a depotic government and replace
    it.The 2nd Am merely provides the means for the people (not exclusively a
    militia) to carry out that “right” and “DUTY” of the people.

  6. J. White says:

    @stonemetallica Too bad we cant have a dual presidency

  7. WILLDTF313 says:

    LOL The bottom line is young turks are clueless. Probably don’t even know
    most important thing that’s NOT in the federal tax code,you guys are
    totally clueless.

  8. michael ryan says:

    And the constitution thing, well he is apart of senate, (federal level).
    The federal government is a branched government consisting of three parts.
    legislative, judicial, and executive branch. A system designed to support
    and defend the law of the land, the US constitution. US constitution is
    based off of moral principles that protect and govern a and all
    individuals. So the question should be can we use the second amendment to
    overthrow the people that overthrew our government and way of life.

  9. CmdrTobs says:

    @famasdan Actually, a restaurant most definitely is a public place during
    opening hours. If you dropped your pants in a restaurant, you would get
    charged with *public* indecency, if it was a private place it would be at
    the digression of the owners and it could be fine if they sanctioned it.
    It’s also why public smoking bans apply in bars and restaurants… because
    they are public. You massively confuse the issue of ownership. Its Amazing
    4 people thumbed you up. Amazing.

  10. Daniel M. says:

    You’re an idiot. How in the world are health care prices gonna “fall to the
    ground” if medicare were abolished. That makes zero sense. The only thing
    that would happen if medicare were abolished is seniors dying from lack of
    money to pay for healthcare.

  11. bitbutter says:

    “The job of the government is to [..] give us a level playing field”
    Really? We’re born unequal, so to _impose_ equality means threatening
    violence against peaceful people. @theyoungturks: Are you comfortable with
    threatening peaceful people? Do you really want to be champions of a regime
    under which such threats are institutionalised?

  12. gregory lee says:

    There was a time in our history where there was no income tax

  13. DukeofWellington91 says:

    The role of government is not to give us a level playing field, it is to
    uphold the rights of the idividual to liberty, meaning freedom from
    aggression, and rights of property. If you had asked any liberal
    intellectual of the 18th century they would have told you that.
    Unfortunately we are currently caught in this perverse interpretation of
    the words “all men are born equal”.

  14. 24SevenAviation says:

    Part of the government is to protect the weak?? Where does the constitution
    say exactly THAT! Stop making up stuff. That’s where we get into trouble.
    If you as me personally I think YOUR a little kooky! That’s just me….

  15. devsun2 says:

    Cenk fails to understand that when Rand argues for reducing tax, he is also
    argueing for reducing government spending so that they will be able to do
    so safely. Its about the big picture, not these single issues.

  16. Dante Brown says:

    @VanessaTexasGal All three of em are fake…

  17. calimar28 says:

    Im god damn sick of having to look at 8 empty parking spaces that no one
    got news…I dont give damn, and park in those spaces anyway. Goverment has
    ZERO right to tell us what spaces we cant park in. Fuck that. Umm Cenk, now
    the dept of education is no longer popular…it is dec 2011, and America is
    ready to dump the 100 billion a year Dept of education. IRS not popular
    anymore. Just cut spending by 3/4′s.

  18. Diskatopia says:

    @One5thOfWhiskey In all cases, every nation, the VAT is lower than the 30%
    National Sales Tax that would be required here, and afaik VAT does not
    apply to land (except in some cases where the landowner WANTS to apply it).
    Suffice to say if you think the income tax regs here are a mess, try
    weeding through EU VAT rules and regs –boggling). It is best to tax at the
    source (income), rather than downstream (spending), with all the chances
    for fraud and black & grey markets in between.

  19. VGTheater says:

    Fuck the bankers.we need our country back.Ron Paul 2012.our last
    looking at history,Obama is the stalin,hitler president.

  20. cozyfoxstudio says:

    Progressive started the FED. Cenk is a Communist. He wants to Nationalize
    the FED, not get rid of it. The governments job to protect our liberty not
    make an even playing field. What a fraud.

  21. mrsentry08 says:

    Pt.2 TAXES(IRS): the small minded bikur over how much they should take from
    us(you), libertarians bikur with those who TAKE from us(you) WHERE IT
    SHOULD GO. Currently it goes to dictators overseas (yes your tax$)
    libert.’s wanna change that “but he’ll never get any1 to agree with that”
    well it’s late 2011 Ron’s on fire & you were wrong!

  22. MrSafetymeeting says:

    He wants those things to be handled locally. He wants smaller federal
    government. The federal government is bloated and incapable of handling
    these responsibilities. We should overthrow the government. You can’t be
    suprised they don’t let him say it on video. Nobody wants to take ANYTHING
    away from anybody. It needs to be handled at the state level. The dept of
    education has done a TERRIBLE job. The IRS is even worse. Try reading the
    tax code.

  23. jcaled24 says:

    Yeah… we have all kind of just “faded to grey”.

  24. Ipostle says:

    Who’s this jock calling a kook?

  25. jmt12345ify says:

    Cenk, Cenk, Cenk…When are going to realize that more government
    involvement in anything is never a good thing. Do you like visiting the
    DMV? No, it’s always a terrible experience. Why? Because the government
    runs it. This idea that Business is going to say, “Screw you!” to people
    with dissabilities is REDICULOUS. That business would get a lot of negative
    attention and would eventually FAIL! That is the sanity of a free market.

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