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Rand Paul Problem and Headline News ...

Rand Paul Problem:

Rand Paul “The problem is these fusion centers have targeted people based on political beliefs”. Rand Paul questions FEMA bureaucrat at the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Emergency Management – June 25, 2013 Rand Paul fus…

5 Responses to “ Rand Paul Problem and Headline News ”

  1. TruthBeKnown says:

    SURE HE KNOWS he knows that currently Hagerstown Maryland is the chosen
    city for the next large data center bidding by Alliance data systems The
    center will store DRONE SURVEILLANCE DATA of the US

  2. MedicalMarijuanaMini says:

    rand paul 2016

  3. Anthony Johnson says:

    I DID ask nicely about you and your STOOPID commercials……Pity that most
    of the videos on FB come thru your channel

  4. Aleen Realmuto says:

    Rand Paul will always be my hero because he is one

  5. Yodaismycopilot says:

    Stand With Rand 2016.

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