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Rand Paul 2016 Election Result Campaign ...

Rand Paul 2016:

Rand Paul 2016. Should libertarians support Rand Paul in 2016? What about his endorsement of Mitt Romney? What are the differences between Ron Paul and Rand Paul? Like me on…

25 Responses to “ Rand Paul 2016 Election Result Campaign ”

  1. T Nev says:

    NOW we know who smokes a bit much.

  2. didanhtennis says:

    You are a special stupid aren’t you? What about this? Voting record almost
    perfect? What about this? Did I hear you say that he voted to oppose
    NDAA? Then would you care to explain this?

  3. Tony de Bruin says:

    His ideas are the same as his father’s?
    Then maybe you care to explain he doesn’t want to legalize any drugs beyond
    marijuana (wow, big deal today to support legalizing marijana when
    Americans are already ready for it, isn’t it)? Maybe you want to care to
    explain his views on sanctions against Iran because they want to develop
    their own weapon (why is that Rand Paul’s business if he is against
    empire)? Maybe you want to explain his views on sanctions against Russia
    (why is Ukraine Rand Paul’s business if he is against emipre)? You see the
    same ideas there? You see Ron Paul be in favor of extension of unemployment
    benefits? You see Ron Paul claim government employees need to keep getting
    paid during the “shutdown” (can we all get a paid vacation)?
    If you say their ideas are the same, then you are a GOP shill and a liar.

  4. TheMtnMan From Tennessee says:

    Put Andrew Napolitano on the ticket, and they’ll have my vote.

  5. Paul J Erickson says:

    @Julie Borowski, I know this is very off-topic… You are the PERFECT
    candidate for people to learn how to lip-read. You speak so clearly!

  6. shirtjuggler says:

    Why did you get married without giving me a chance? lol Keep up the good

  7. george babeti says:

    Good job julie. I just purchased 2016 Rand Paul Stickers. Gonna slap it on
    my car

  8. APB says:

    As usual Julie, you make so much sense. Thanks for your awesome videos.

    I agree, the son is not the father, but the apple surely does not fall far
    from the tree. The one thing I like about Rand as opposed to Ron is that
    he’s got balls. Ron ran in the 80′s and lost, but waited an entire decade
    before running again. Knowing what he knew – he shouldn’t have waited so
    long. Rand saw the opportunity through his father’s campaign and jumped at
    the chance to try and make a difference very well knowing he would be in
    his father’s shadow, but did it anyway – that takes inner strength. I also
    believe he’s a better strategist and is smart enough to learn from his
    father’s mistakes. I commend the fact that he filibusters what he stands
    for and is still the only Senator to stand against the NSA via a lawsuit –
    that takes balls lol.

    Yes, the son is not like the father and I am rather glad that is so. Rand
    has my vote because even in the shadow of his father, he stood-up – and I
    admire that kind of courage; therefore I stand with Rand in 2016.

  9. James Mueller says:

    And so continues the decay of the libertarian religion….

  10. Rev0lutionIsMyName says:

    well… at least you stopped calling yourself TokenLibertarianGirl

  11. B ukanator says:

    Ted Cruz or Rand Paul

  12. olosnah1 says:

    girl you nailed it on the head… Libertarians inside the Republican party
    can make real change. AKA Tea Party is one option the goals that are very
    close and better then establishment candidates.

    right now we have no choice really, vote for that one that can win and
    remove Democrats killing the country.. after we impeach Barry and over
    turn all his appointees and over turn every regulation and everything he
    has signed. we can work on getting more and more libertarians into office.

    The dems have Blue dogs, repub have Libertarians. 

  13. yebhx says:

    Never pandered? Speaking to the John Birch Society and publishing racist
    newsletters? Yeah, no pandering there.

  14. youngbono18 says:

    You’re like a libertarian Jenna Marbles… Nothing gets me hotter than a
    woman who loves liberty! :P

  15. CatVomitNow says:

    None of us will EVER get exactly what we want.
    Rand will be best for the U.S. in the aggregate.
    In all the ways that matter most.
    Get us the hell out of the middle east for goodness sakes.
    And let’s all work to get this economy off life support?

  16. Arthur Wright says:

    You talk a lot about social issues and most of your videos are spot on, but
    I think you should talk more about the free market and the misunderstanding
    of economics in today’s politics. What do you think of Milton friedman?

  17. Agenders NJ says:

    Julie hits it in the last sentence: Someone who can beat the establishment

  18. Tom Thacker says:

    I like Rand, but I still disagree with some of his decisions. But as you
    say, he has to play the political game. Still, he is probably the best hope
    for a libertarian leaning candidate. He is the reason I haven’t changed my
    registration from Republican to Libertarian, even though I am a dues paying
    member of the libertarian party. I will change my registration after the
    primary’s, or failing the presidential bid, after he gets back in to the

  19. platano1742 says:

    Rand Paul is more focused on plagiarism… jajaja

  20. lucas fisher says:

    This was refreshing. It’s great to hear someone with common sense. A unity
    of libertarians can truly say ” In union we stand. Divided we fall”. There
    is strength in numbers, but only when ALL do what ever they can to better
    themselves. Government would only exist to protect peoples freedoms, not
    control peoples freedoms. It’s sickening to be called selfish for not
    expecting anyone to take care of yourself. In the end, everyone truly
    believes that, but people are just so blinded by the elite of this country
    telling you ” It’s not your fault. You never had a choice. Give me the
    power to take care of you. Not with my own resources of course.” Anyone
    ever ask themselves how did these politicians, whom never worked in the
    private sector, become so stinking rich? Such bullshit.. We need people to
    start putting the shame back into stealing from others…..

  21. Tyler Long says:

    I have long since given up on the idea of washington being able to be fixed
    by anyone. Think about it, even if Ron Paul had won the election in a
    landslide elected by a population suddenly motivated by liberty he would
    have been able to do nothing against the rest of the established government.

    The only solution is a State based con con that does not invite ANYONE that
    ever had anything to do with the federal government, to create a
    replacement for the federal government and outlaw anything the previous
    federal system ever instituted. Btw only two state legislature’s are
    needed to agree for this to happen I think.

  22. poundng1 says:

    I like Rand Paul, but I think Ted Cruz would be a better choice. Of
    course, I much prefer Rand Paul to Ron anyway, as his George McGovern type
    foreign policy never really appealed to me.

  23. Demetrius Sage says:

    Ron, Rand, and Julie are just controlled opposition…

  24. Matt Neithercott says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  25. xmateinc says:

    Rand Paul is a plagiarizing idiot. Good luck with your great choice Julie!
    hahahahahaha. Ask him what’s gonna happen in the near future!!! HAHAHA!!

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