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Penn’s Tea Party Rant – Sean Penn ...

Ted Cruz Tea Party:

Penn’s Tea Party Rant – Sean Penn Slams Tea Party & Ted Cruz – The Five. Penn’s Tea Party Rant – Sean Penn Slams Tea Party & Ted Cruz – The Five.

11 Responses to “ Penn’s Tea Party Rant – Sean Penn ”

  1. zepbigfoot bearcove says:

    Spicolly was a very vocal supporter of Obamacare!

  2. Mass Tea Party says:

    Penn’s Tea Party Rant – Sean Penn Slams Tea Party & Ted Cruz – The Five
    #teaparty #msnbc #cnn #democrat #republican #nbc

  3. lucidwindstorm says:

    Its obvious to me that he knows little about so much

  4. Neil Soter says:

    This video, and this channel are clearly partisan as well. It is so
    important to understand that you don’t have to “pick a side,” and I don’t
    agree with the left or right on everything since I try as hard as I can to
    think for myself. Freedom is the answer I will admit, but more specifically
    it’s true freedom. If you just follow the Tea Party then you aren’t truly
    free, I am sorry to inform you. You shouldn’t be following anything if you
    really want to be free, other than yourself that is.

  5. ChevKen says:

    Sean Penn and his stupid ilk should all leave this country, take Obama, the
    entire corrupt political system and practice their Communism in North
    Korea.Oh and take the evil Muslims with you too!

  6. crsurfvideo says:

    Eduardo Cruz, Cuban born in Canada 2016

  7. Kilgore Trout says:

    Geneva II conference, Syrian civil war, retreat of M23 rebels in DRC, US-EU
    free trade negotiations and fall-out over allegations of NSA spying,
    Israeli plans to build more settlements in East Jerusalem… These all
    would’ve been much better topics for a five-minute segment every hour on
    Fox News on October 30, 2013. At least, better than focusing on what Sean
    Penn has to say about the tea party for five minutes.

  8. rdangelo says:

    Stupid cunt

  9. Neil Soter says:

    Remember that the founding fathers had debates over what exactly the
    Constitution would be. Even though they agreed on declaring independence,
    there were still a variety of opinions on what would be a better
    alternative form of government. It’s very dangerous to just conform to the
    norm no matter what form it takes. If you agree with a political party on
    most issues, it’s very easy to just get in line with the party on
    everything then. Being independent is the key, as it always has been.

  10. TheJking85 says:

    If a washed-up, has-been actor wants to remain relevant, then he/she goes
    on Piers Morgan. I don’t think it works, though.

  11. Johnnie The House Wife says:

    Sean Penn Is A Communist … Look It Up !!!

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