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LPAC 2013: Rand Paul GOP Frontrunner President ...

Rand Paul 2016:

LPAC 2013: Rand Paul GOP Frontrunner President 2016. In today’s video, AMTV covers a recent speech by Senator Rand Paul at LPAC 2013. http://www.greene…

25 Responses to “ LPAC 2013: Rand Paul GOP Frontrunner President ”

  1. Ladykofnyc2 says:

    Rand Paul is a great speaker. Very natural relaxed and conversation-like.
    He makes Obombya and Killary look like robots.

  2. Maxwell Demond says:

    Ventura VP 2016 or maybe Chuck Norris ! 

  3. Kevin Patrick says:

    Rand Paul or Mr. Garrison from South Park, whatever you call him, he is a

  4. Maxwell Demond says:

    Rand Paul 2016 !

  5. Burt Bobain says:

    Not high on any drugs? Liar! i can see it in his eyes. This boys high on

  6. AtlasShruggery says:

    Teabaggers, please, please nominate this little weasel for president in

  7. spmandmtgr says:

    theres a sound bite some where cant remimber what news site or chainle
    played it
    but he did back down form this stance that the shoutdown was a wrong thing
    to do..

  8. Matthew Kurtyka says:

    young folks indeed. if politicians paid more visits to more highschools and
    if they taught kids this, those young voters might actually have a valid,
    educated opinion

  9. Oro4MadNess says:

    Nice speech Rand Paul… Keep up the good work.

  10. marcus97301 says:


  11. APB says:

    Rand Paul is anti-christian? Go and watch his speech at Values Voter
    Summit…then spam ur own comment because it is false.

  12. nice0shot says:

    Go Rand Paul, all you nay sayers can be Obama, & the left’s little
    communist slaves.

  13. maxmann521 says:

    Wen u say christians..that means Jewish people?

  14. delanogaston says:

    He’s a shill why? Do you have any evidence to back this up? The Pauls have
    spoken out against the world elites, apparently you missed it….

  15. Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa says:

    Rand Paul talking about both sides of his mouth. He is not real. He’s peace
    meal. He still brings of 911 as if it was not an inside job. He does not
    talk about the Federal Reserve. Jesse Ventura!

  16. PineapplePowersuit says:

    This guy is sick. Making light jokes about actual cannibalism and
    atrocities in order to appear “likeable” or something. He’s sick and the
    other stuff he’s saying is utter bulls**t.

  17. William McLaughlin says:

    No I don’t believe in anyone in government any more they all lie

  18. mario198032 says:

    Why doesn’t anybody asking questions like what does he think about agenda
    21 or Monsanto!!!!!

  19. mario198032 says:

    Like I said your a dumb s*** Obama is a puppet! Know your own f******
    history!!! Well let me f****** school you Ron Paul help Reagan get into
    office he’s been in the game for 30 years he’s a Master Mason!!!!!! Do you
    research like I did you f****** idiot!! Since you so dumb ill point you in
    the way Ron Paul exposed…..

  20. MrGoldassassain says:

    Plz masons worship money and power. Thats ur god. That’s ur devil. Don’t be
    fooled ppl don’t be cattle

  21. Canada Jack says:

    Lexus smat is a bot

  22. mario198032 says:

    Glad to see the people and not gonna fall for the old banana in the
    tailpipe again!! F*** you rand you stink just like all the rest of them!!!!!

  23. Edward Optometry says:

    he’s the stepping stone to a future Ron Paul. He’s hard right speaking out
    against the obvious atrocities of government while being a “team player”
    he’s school by a father I trust. just making it palatable for ignorant
    fucks but I want to stop shaking my fist at the government. be patient.

  24. The Revolutionary says:

    Never thought of that. I LOVE the idea. :)

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