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Hillary Clinton 2016 2012 GOP Presidential ...

Hillary Clinton 2016:

Hillary Clinton EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW 2014 : Talks Clinton‘s Affair, 2016 Presidential Run & More. Hillary Clinton Insists She Has ‘No Lingering Effects’ From Concussion Hillary memoir extract fuels White House rumours Clinton says she would disclose medic…

6 Responses to “ Hillary Clinton 2016 2012 GOP Presidential ”

  1. gespilk says:

    Hilary feels like “a player” (flexible moral values and political views).

    I will vote for Elizabeth Warren because I believe in the ideas she
    promotes. I also want Piketty as her advisor on inequality.

    The only concern I have is that she may be blocked if she attempts to make
    changes, similar to the way Obama is constantly resisted.


    I’ll vote for Monica. She got the job DONE.

  3. MegaBait56 says:

    why would she run? her n Bill make millions out of there office in Harlem,
    she is still in the loop. why would she want the B.S. that goes with the you hate or love her she is a smart woman.Clintons ride off to
    sunset. very well off.

  4. Jordan Wright says:

    These people are all about CONTROL. That is why..

  5. theswoogie says:

    Will she release her medical records? She gives a non-answer. ‘I will do
    what other candidates have done.’ I recall that Bill did not release a
    detailed medical record, just a letter from a doctor saying he saw no
    reason why Bill could not execute his duties.

  6. Hollywood LIVE says:

+ nine = 15

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