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Chris Christy Liar Chris Christie Is a Freaking ...

Chris Christy Liar:

Chris Christie is a Freaking Liar…. Traffic in New York and New Jersey is like guns in the South, we take it seriously!!!!!

25 Responses to “ Chris Christy Liar Chris Christie Is a Freaking ”

  1. John says:

    Another crooked fucking politician. Why am I not surprised?

  2. CoventryRI says:

    Does Bob ever answer any of these comments???!! 

  3. Clonetos says:

    Whats next I’ll tell you whats next america. America was once a proud
    nation and it can still be but as of the past recent years we have had
    liars,putas,cheaters,and rich snobs in our office, in our presidential seat
    and in our congress. People when will you get that when a politician like
    barack obama says “I do it for you” means I do it for ME.

    Show an honest working man running for office and people won’t vote because
    he isn’t “rich” or “famous” which makes me sick, where in the world does it
    say you got to be rich and famous to run? Where? I’ll tell you where NO

    Our country is in shambles because of congress and the president,governors
    are in this too. They are all whiny toddlers who need the chewie of money
    to soothe their teething because “it isn’t like we got enough herpadurr”.
    We have Men and Women in the middle east dying for nothing, people homeless
    and starving and our education is down the drain and you wanna know what
    our government does….go on Vacation. SICK I tell you sick. I looked at
    obama and he has been on vacation about 90% of the time he was in office
    and the time he wasn’t on vacation he was giving two or three speeches.
    People we need to put a stop to this, because I am sick of it just sick!
    Whats next Whats next Whats next!

  4. ELLEON1959 says:

    Bob do you think he’s lying like OSAMA said we can keep our insurance and
    doctors? YEAH FOLKS WE’RE FUCKED…….Abebebebe babgeebebebebebe, THAT’S
    ALL FOLKS!!!! ; )

  5. Anthony Terry says:

    ROFLMBO!!! I love how passionate he is!!! #trueamericanhero 

  6. xhoggerx129 says:

    Why can’t we just get an actual common person in office? These days it
    seems like they’re all millionaires and liars. 

  7. TheCorrectViews says:

    You nailed this one!

  8. Cissy2cute says:

    Additional info since Bob made this video–the heat on Bridge Gate was
    getting too hot for Christie so what does he do? He took off for Florida
    to raise money for his campaign–and no journalists are allowed on this
    trip. Can you believe it? What’s next???????

  9. dogeymon83 says:

    He just called kristie a “she”…slip of the tongue, funny, or both?

  10. blujay1524 says:

    Sure it’s dickish but in perspective of Obama and Hillary’s scandals it’s

  11. Panzer4F2 says:

    Certainly makes me wonder what else the politicians tamper with. If only
    people would get this interested in Fukushima. To see a very good review of
    what has happened at Fukushima, check out “Fukushima Reactors 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
    - 5 – 6 – Basic Breakdown , Pacific Ocean , Jet Streams” that has been
    posted on Youtube by BeautifulGirlByDana. It’s about 20 minutes long, and
    Dana has done a terrific job of explaining a complex situation in mostly
    simple terms. 

  12. Dusco25 says:

    The difference between Obama and Christie is Obama policies has caused
    massive deaths and slaughter of other humans and robbing of the Americans
    tax money.. Christie’s scandal is he may or may not have known of people
    stuck in traffic for a few hours.. Yeah, it is all equals up eh?

  13. Rednecksith5 says:

    I can’t believe how many repubs are saying they’ll vote for this clown if
    he runs for president. Seriously people, why? What’s the difference between
    voting for a RINO as opposed to a libdem? Does that little ‘R’ by his name
    somehow make his liberal policies less idiotic? Does it somehow make him
    more honorable? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still take him over Hilary or
    Obama any day, but wake up people!

    Right now the 2016 election is looking as if it’ll be similar to a choice
    of being skinned alive or boiled in oil. The only difference between the
    two is that after the latter Chris Christie will probably eat your corpse,
    since he looks like he’ll eat anything that’s been deep fried.

  14. Stephen Pelletier says:

    I would actually pay to see you in a one-on-one debate with one of these

  15. darkstonecastle says:

    Chris Christie is very similar to Boss Hogg on the Dukes of Hazzard

  16. Justin Crowe says:

    Who’s this? The Guy from Joisey?

  17. airecraft1 says:

    The difference between Christy and Obama is that the media will eat Christy
    for lunch while Obama gets a pass 

  18. alphy79d says:

    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Chris Christie is our only hope.

  19. Kenny Ryan says:

    Bob 4 President!!!!!!!!!

  20. Andrew A says:

    I wouldn’t compare Benghazi to a bridge … People we’re killed in Benghazi

  21. kangsan2014 says:

    If we had a future where society had better or more constructive
    communication and social skills, people like Bob would most certainly be
    admitted into a psychological hospital. We need to start with the culture
    of scarcity, lack of education, and scientific illiteracy.

  22. RemoteTimeTraveler says:

    Sounds like Obomba!

  23. gubnillec says:

    Wait…so a “Republican” that follows progessive values and a liberal
    agenda lied? Seriously? Wow…I never saw that coming. What is next, is he
    going to propose a cost saving measure that costs more than it

  24. Gdayguy Matt says:

    Watch out Bob, the Fox sheep might get their feelings hurt.

  25. Stan Parrish says:

    I lost a lot of respect for Christie.
    He is using the Obama/Sargent Schultz defense.
    “I know nothing. NOTHING.”

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