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2012 Voter Comments

  • Is Ben Carson Gearing Up for Presidential Run?::

    THEWNDTV1 said: [read more]

  • Is Ben Carson Gearing Up for Presidential Run?::

    Fred Robles said: Jesus new what was in the heart men and yet this Jewish rabbi choose to go all out for his people with a message hope. I would never want anything to happen to this wonderful man but would be the only man, because he is 100 % black, able to reverse the policies of this president and give real hope and change to his people the black community. Your are in my prayers but better yet in the Creator hands. Run Dr. Ben Run. Heal this nation. [read more]

  • Is Ben Carson Gearing Up for Presidential Run?::

    2013neda said: Dr Carson, Please do not run. Remember what JFK said : (There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot”. He said this 7 days before his assassination. The people (the real people) running this country will not let you live. You are far too valuable to us as an example, especially, and with your wise words. PLEASE DO NOT RUN!!!!!!!! JFK knew their plots and plans back in 1963. I would rather have you spread your wisdom than die. Be blessed, be safe. Neda Hall [read more]

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