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2012 Voter Comments

  • Hillary Clinton Immigration: PJTV – Poor:

    John Daniel said: This whole story came up because Clinton gives speeches to big bank buddies for hundreds of thousands of dollars * *cough gets bribes* * and then says she's a progressive.´╗┐ [read more]

  • Hillary Clinton Immigration: PJTV – Poor:

    nustada said: She had to piece together money for the mortgages for their houses. How I feel for her. I mean, how can someone have only one house debt free, that is like almost homeless. /sarcasm´╗┐ [read more]

  • Hillary Clinton Immigration: PJTV – Poor:

    101Snipeshot said: haha a liberal politician poor. Hell she's trying to make it so that people will believe she can identify with the poor where she can't and she isn't part of that dreaded 1% the left used to talk about. Its rather amusing as she tries to lie, but look up a little bit and her and bill having million dollar houses by itself easily bring out the truth. Course the liberal hive mind won't question it at all and take it as a reason they can use against her opponents and why its a good idea to vote for her besides the fact that she is a woman. Course all it took for Obama to steal the nomination from Hillary and take the oval office in 2008 was because he was black. No experience, no achievements. and no other reason to vote for him besides him being the first president that wasn't a white guy in history and people wanted to say they voted for him although he's got the track record of being the worst president this country has even had which is a pretty hard accomplishment after Jimmy Carter.´╗┐ [read more]

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