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2012 Voter Comments

  • Google News: Ted Cruz Dream Act:

    TheTrueRae Smile said: For crying out loud Trey... There are servers that have the information you need... GO GET IT!!! Bravo to you for saying it as it is... This is the worse cover up I have seen in my lifetime... I Pray someone gets to the truth and The guilty people including the President go down... We sure would if it were us breaking the law!! IT IS TIME FOR THE FACTS AND THE TRUTH. Enough is truly ENOUGH! [read more]

  • Google News: Ted Cruz Dream Act:

    gottagoat said: I want to see that Koskien arrested for something, what a lying creepy fuck [read more]

  • Google News: Ted Cruz Dream Act:

    Leeky Sweek said: This is awesome! Go Trey! [read more]

Google News: Ted Cruz Dream Act

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