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2012 Voter Comments

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    eric danao said: i bet no.5  [read more]

  • Chris Christy Sandy Relief Video Christie: TIME:

    Teresa Fawkes said: Or how about the one where a teacher called him to ask about his cuts to public schools and why are his kids in private schools? He told her he shouldn't have to pay to educate other people's kids, and to mind her own business. In those words, mind your own business. GREAT GUY! [read more]

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    NeuralSimulation said: If religion doesn't make good people bad, then how do you explain the death penalty for apostasy? There's literally no reason, other than Islam, that a person would advocate killing people for leaving Islam, or carry out that sentence. This is so obvious it shouldn't even need to be stated. Without Islam, there's no death for Islamic apostates. It's a fucking tautology. [read more]

Chris Christy Sandy Relief Video Christie: TIME Magazine Cover 'Not Kind'

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