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2012 Voter Comments

  • Hillary Clinton Immigration – Hillary:

    liquidiz33 said: what an ignorant cunt. My rights are not subject to anyone's opinion, not even the government, esp. not the government, My guns are reserved for use against those who mean me and my family harm. that means thieves and murderers and over zealous government agencies who step on my property. PERIOD [read more]

  • Hillary Clinton Immigration – Hillary:

    natty bumppo said: i thought the DEMOCRATS where the protectors of the minority. [read more]

  • Hillary Clinton Immigration – Hillary:

    JNEGRON2001 said: I don't own a rifle, I do own hand guns and shotguns. But to say that I don't want my Constitutional Rights infringed on is to be a terrorist type individual is pretty sordid coming from a rich individual who can pay for body gaurds but claims she is not well off. [read more]

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