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2012 Voter Comments

  • Chris Christy Traitor: Presidential Candidate:

    random69ism said: [read more]

  • Chris Christy Traitor: Presidential Candidate:

    Dewey Cheatum-Howe said: Dr. Doom, the nobel prize winning economist from Texas A&M, warned the world if America did not change to a scientific democracy by the year 2000 we were doomed, and he was absolutely correct. What bothers me the most about Republitards, like Rand Paul, is that they speak out of both sides of their mouths with a forked tongue. They claim to protect democracy and the Constitution, but usurp the will of the masses (democracy) by obstructing the leader that the masses chose to lead them. They act like children playing with a new toy of fascism, and do not care how much damage it causes the nation, which it has (billions). The Republitard Congress has become a haven for hatred and a dark beacon unto the world with no moral compass. Their ugliness and ignorance to slander the POTUS is a direct assault on democracy. The neo con Supreme Court rulings have rendered a death blow to democracy in America. If you want to save your democracy you must show up on masses this fall and vote a straight democratic ticket in protest to fascism. Remember G W Bush and Cheney signing those illegal orders to spy on Americans,... [read more]

  • Chris Christy Traitor: Presidential Candidate:

    random69ism said: Traitors do deserve death but that sentence needs to be done in accordance with the US Constitution via due process and fair trial. [read more]

Chris Christy Traitor: Presidential Candidate 2012

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