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2012 Voter Comments

  • Chris Christy Immigration Movie:

    Prinz Vidar said: exactly anyone with good IMAGINATION can see it's her but if you actually compare the faces you see the difference the nose, the mouth, the teeth this girls shoulders are broader aswell...also in the 80's she already worked as a speech writer for the Ronald Reagan ADP. And this would have been all over the media and you know it. Also these Bikini Shows don't use stage names. Laura is not from west lake CA and never lived in CA. You want to believe it's her but it's not sorry buddy. [read more]

  • TNA Today With TNA President Dixie Carter:

    WickedGangsta918 said: Dixie is looking hotttt [read more]

  • Chris Christy Immigration Movie:

    joseph rivett said: Son, you'll never know what you're missing !!!!! [read more]

Chris Christy Immigration Movie

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