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2012 Voter Comments

  • Republican and Republican:

    Travis said: His opinion of Assad is different from his stance on foreign involvement. See, it's pretty simple to defend Rand Paul. Just like his stance on gay marriage..."I believe in traditional marriage"...but is against the federal government making laws to ban it. He's good at separating his beliefs from what is the right thing to do...most of the time. [read more]

  • Republican and Republican:

    John Jones said: he wants Assad to have the death penalty, under accusations of war an international court...but does think a military strike is the right way to hold him accountable.. There are other ways to hold some accountable than all out war....fucking dipshit libtards... Its really not that complicated...we doesnt think war is right or necessary, but thinks Assad should still be held accountable under international have to pretty fucking stupid to not be able to pick that up... [read more]

  • Republican and Republican:

    War Wolf said: media runs away from facts. like christians run away from science´╗┐ [read more]

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