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2012 Voter Comments

  • Christy Hates the Middle Class Presidential:

    daveusaz1218 said: I'm seeing lots of comments here that warm my heart, There are lots of Americans that are not sleeping and see Paul Ryan and the rest of the right wing communist for the treasonous bastards that they are. They've already proven they will lie cheat and steal to get control of the House, and they won't rest until they turn America into an Orwellian society on steroids. Sharpen the guillotines because these assholes ain't going away without a fight. [read more]

  • Christy Hates the Middle Class Presidential:

    JayDaAsshole said: I think that guy on the call was trolling lmao [read more]

  • Christy Hates the Middle Class Presidential:

    deuslunae said: I often hear republicans talking about returning to"jeffersonian" principals. What principals are the refering to? [read more]

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